This week, Jan.16th 2019

Hey everybody! Since the new Empire/Guild update just came out, I think we’ll wait a week or two before we hold another Shop of the Week contest.

Thank you for your patience as we get everyone connected up to the Guild in the mall. The dev team is trying to get the new Guild system up & running smoothly. There seems to be issues and questions regarding footfall coin. I myself am also having trouble getting footfall coin.

From info I can find, it seems they have changed how often we’ll get it, when we’ll get it, and how much we’ll get. We all need footfall, so I hope this levels out soon. I can’t provide specific/exact info on this because the devs aren’t providing the algorithm info to us – just vague ideas of how it should work. Without this info, everything is speculation.

A big thank you to the folks that have donated coin to the Guild. The beacon coin from the mall & guild will go towards building infrastructure & supplies to set up the new Helix machines. We’ll try to get the Helix machines/buffs running asap, but they are very expensive. I’ve even seen the Ultima hub folks asking for help/donations with them. Each Helix machine is five pieces and need 8 helix coils:


I know we’ve run out of spaces for shops. I am currently building more roads & spaces out towards the Guild building. I plan to open them soon. Meanwhile, we have a lot of space for free-building in the city area. I’ve already seen some really cool builds going up.

If you haven’t checked it out already, here is the new Youtube video walk-thru of the shops that won the Shop of the Week Contest (CONGRATS!!):


If you have trouble reaching me, please feel free to use the contact form on this site, send me a tweet @MJRVex or leave me a message on Discord anytime. I check in as often as a I possibly can. See you at the mall1 ~MV

January 2019 Shop Contest

Voting page for the January 2019 Gyosha Mall Shop Contest


  1. Visit Gyosha Mall on Gyosha Ophin.
  2. Visit the shops (maybe do a little shopping). There are 3 rows of shops, plus a row on the north and south ends of the mall.
  3. Make a quick note of your top three favorite shops.
  4. Using this form, type in the shop name and/or shop address number of your favorite three shops.
  5. Winner will be announced via the Gyosha Mall Mega Thread on the Boundless Forum on Sunday, January 13th, in the afternoon (12pm-5pm CST).
  6. One entry per Boundless account/IP address please.

If this event is received well, we will hold another one in February. Thank you for your participation, it is greatly appreciated! See you at the mall 😉