Q & A

Q. Can anyone set up a shop?

A. Yes. Even if you have a shop somewhere else…all are welcome.

Q. What are the building requirements?

A. For shops & multi-use spaces: please only plot one plot wide = one address. This will leave room for other shops & for the mall to grow. Your shop can go as high, as low, or as far back as you’d like.

For the new larger workshops at the end of the multi-use section (condos, offices, small workshops): please only plot two plots wide = one address. These XL workshops have double doors on the front. No shops in the multi-use wing.

You should have at least one active (item for sale) shop stand in your shop. Please do not place a portal in the mall doorway. 

There are no other requirements.

Q. Can I have a shop & an office/workshop?

Yes, but please only one of each for now. We will be expanding soon & making larger areas available.

Q. What about a mall sign?

A. Once you have a mall address/beacon, tell me the name of your shop & I will put it on your sign. If you have sign modules that you want used, I can place them for you. The sign area is 8 blocks wide by 2 blocks high, over white gleam.

Sign Change Request Form

I can also do custom font colors on your sign. To get the color code, go to google.com and search “hex color picker”. I’ll need the six digit code.


Q. Can I have portals in my shop?

A. Yes, you can have portals in your shop. Portals should not be placed in the mall doorway & you should have at least one active shop stand.

Q. Do I place a beacon? How do I get a space?

A. Yes, you will need a beacon, a beacon fuel, a plotter, & at least one available plot in your inventory. Take them to the mall, select a space that is available. Place a block to put your beacon on (the mall is built over water). You retain 100% control over your space. There is a small starter-shop kiosk in the Gyosha Mall portal hub that GrayFrequency keeps stocked with low-cost necessities.

Q. Why are the shop spaces only one plot wide?

A. I know this makes it more challenging for shop owners to build their store, but I feel that it will make for a more enjoyable experience for shoppers.  This way they can find what they need, with the least possible impediments. If every shop were 5 plots wide, for example, they’d have to run across 40 blocks just to get to the next building – which may or may not have active stands, and may or may not even be a shop. This would cause the shopper to become frustrated, leave empty-handed, and quit or go gather the item(s) themselves. I think this might also help streamline pricing a tiny bit, because shop owners can easily see what others are charging for their items.

Q. I want a portal in the hub, but I don’t see the right size.

A. Contact me and I will customize the conduits to match yours so that you can open a portal.

Q. I want a different size shop/condo/office/workshop/etc.

A. Contact me & I will try to build a space that will work for you.

***Q. I don’t like someone’s shop prices/design/request baskets, etc.***

A. Please be kind/respectful & just go to the next shop. There will be varying prices on items. The Boundless economy is too new to stabilize. Shop owners have to guess what to price their items – it may be a little high or a little low. That’s ok. Some might not have higher skill sets, so it may be more difficult for them to obtain items…therefore their prices might be higher. Everyone has to start somewhere. Gyosha Mall will not micro-manage shops, nor participate in any form of price-control. 

A note: We ask that all players please be kind & respectful of others. Do your own thing. Boundless is literally….boundless! Everyone might play the game a little differently. People like different things. It’s ok. Now go play Boundless & have FUN 🙂